Health Precautions For Monsoon

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6 Tips to remain Healthy This Monsoon

Everyone waits for the monsoon to urge aloof from the scorching summer heat and eat their favourite snack while sipping a hot beverage and enjoying the rain. Nature changes colours, and therefore the weather becomes exceptionally refreshing. Although we watch for the monsoon eagerly, it also means the entry of varied ailments like cough, cold, flu, and diseases borne by flies and mosquitoes like Malaria, Dengue, Dysentery, Typhoid, Cholera etc. But if you wish to #BecomeHealthWise and make sure of your health et al, follow the below 6 Tips to remain Healthy This Monsoon.

1. Keep your surroundings clean: Even atiny low puddle of stagnant water can produce to mosquitoes and other harmful pests. make sure that your home and workplace is clean and hygienic.

there’s a high chance of garments or bedding sheets getting fungus if not cleaned regularly. Check for any water clogging or leakage because it might attract the black mold. Use insect repellents to urge protection from annoying flies and other insects.

2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: so as to #BecomeHealthWise during this monsoon season, start your day with a glass of refreshing juice or whole fruit. attempt to keep it healthy and boost your metabolism with lighter foods. Avoid eating outside food prepared on roadside stalls, as they pose a threat of getting bacterial infections or unwellness. the simplest thanks to avoid diseases in monsoon is by adding green vegetables to the diet, as they provide all the specified nutrients and facilitate your increase your immunity.

3. Drink many clean water: Drinking many water and staying hydrated is often healthy. But drinking clean water is crucial, especially in monsoon, as many diseases like cholera and diarrhoea are waterborne. make sure that the water you drink is either filtered or boiled because it kills harmful microbes and eliminates other impurities.

it’s always better to hold your own bottle when stepping out or get a treated bottle when required.

4. Get eliminate the insects and mosquitoes: As soon because the monsoon comes and there’s any possibility of water collecting at one place, it becomes the piece of ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitoes carry the danger of the many serious diseases like dengue and malaria. you’ll use mosquito repellent sprays, creams, burning coils or liquids to stay them treed. Mosquito nets or net shields to the windows and doors is additionally one amongst the ways to stay them out of the house.

5. Get regular exercise: While it’d seem difficult to travel outside for a run or walk when water takes over the running tracks, walking pathways and every one outdoor spaces generally, it mustn’t stop you from doing all your daily share of exercising to remain fit. exercise strengthens your system and keeps you out of the chance of aching bones, joints and other conditions like arthritis, sciatica which worsen during monsoon. understand the choice exercises you’ll do reception, like Pilates, yoga, or freehand exercises.

6. Avoid getting get into the rain: Rainwater, once it hits the bottom, gets full of numerous bacteria and microbes, and if you are available in contact with them might enter your body and invite various diseases. Wash your feet if you’ve got been outside, and if you get drenched the rain, take a shower, or pat yourself dry with a clean towel.