World Malaria Day


World Malaria Day – a way to avoid mosquito bites and stop malaria

Malaria may be a highly infectious mosquito-borne disease. it’s caused by the parasitic protozoans and it’s quite common in India and Africa. in line with research, the disease affects about 210 million people worldwide. Although the amount of malaria-related casualties have declined significantly in India over the past few years, it still poses a significant threat to the citizens worldwide. To spread awareness about Malaria and take immediate action to manage the disease, World Malaria Day (WMD) is observed once a year on 25th April.

The theme for WMD in 2022 is – Harness innovation to scale back the Malaria disease burden and save lives. In India, the cases of Malaria see a swift rise with the onset of the summer and through the monsoon. The disease is life-threatening if it’s not diagnosed early and you don’t get immediate medical attention. However, the disease is curable and preventable. And, because the adage goes, ‘prevention is best than cure,’ you’ll be able to take simple steps to stay the disease trapped. Before we delve into alternative ways to forestall Malaria and mosquito bites, allow us to take a look at a number of the common Malaria symptoms.

– Fever
– Mild muscle pain
– Constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue
– Vomiting
– Loss of appetite
– Headache
– Diarrhoea

In severe cases, Malaria may result in serious symptoms like yellow skin, coma, seizure, etc. If the disease isn’t treated properly, it’s going to reoccur in a very few months. But, in such cases, the symptoms are usually mild. Tips to forestall Malaria And Avoid Mosquito Bites

  • one in all the foremost effective ways to stop mosquito bites and Malaria is to take care of hygiene in your home and surroundings. ensure that you simply clean and mop your home with a disinfectant on a daily basis.
  • Never let any puddle around your home. Any stagnant water will be a piece of land for the mosquitoes, which increases the danger of malaria. So, make sure that you clean the surplus water in your house, and around your building.
  • Build your immunity by consuming a healthy diet and plenty of fluids. Having a robust immunity is that the best thanks to chase away any infection.
  • Avoid having outside food the maximum amount as you’ll. It is hard to resist the road food, but often such places are dirty and unhygienic which increases the danger of several diseases, including malaria. So, attempt to eat freshly cooked home food.
  • Use mosquito repellent creams, and sprays reception to avoid mosquito bites. you’ll be able to also use mosquito safety nets reception to forestall them from entering your home.

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